In the Beginning

So where to start, probably with a hello to anyone who might stop by, with a thank you to Lissanna who’s suggested build I’ve been following (as well as her blog), and to Allison Robert for the excellent shifting perspectives column that I’ve found to be very informative reading.

Copying directly from my about page, I’m a fairly new player to WoW, with just the one other toon (a rogue) who’s currently sitting up at L70. I don’t profess to be a particularly good player, nor a particularly good writer, but I thought the idea of keeping track of my successes and failures (or the other way around depending on how this goes) would be helpful to me, and might be helpful to someone else somewhere down the line.

Now this first entry is a little late, so it’ll probably find itself split into several parts since Llu (I have an awful habit of shortening names) has reached the noble age of 31, but I think I’ll try to at least recap his teens and first couple of instances in here. I’ll skip 1-12 since that was very quick on an empty day and there’s not really a lot to that basic levelling experience that’s particularly different from other starter experiences. I should mention that Mulgore was a very pleasant place to level in though, and playing as a caster rather than a melee fighter was an interesting adjustment, there’s a lot of fun in taking out a mob before it manages to actually reach you.

Continues after the break (it’s getting a little long)…

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