In the Beginning

So where to start, probably with a hello to anyone who might stop by, with a thank you to Lissanna who’s suggested build I’ve been following (as well as her blog), and to Allison Robert for the excellent shifting perspectives column that I’ve found to be very informative reading.

Copying directly from my about page, I’m a fairly new player to WoW, with just the one other toon (a rogue) who’s currently sitting up at L70. I don’t profess to be a particularly good player, nor a particularly good writer, but I thought the idea of keeping track of my successes and failures (or the other way around depending on how this goes) would be helpful to me, and might be helpful to someone else somewhere down the line.

Now this first entry is a little late, so it’ll probably find itself split into several parts since Llu (I have an awful habit of shortening names) has reached the noble age of 31, but I think I’ll try to at least recap his teens and first couple of instances in here. I’ll skip 1-12 since that was very quick on an empty day and there’s not really a lot to that basic levelling experience that’s particularly different from other starter experiences. I should mention that Mulgore was a very pleasant place to level in though, and playing as a caster rather than a melee fighter was an interesting adjustment, there’s a lot of fun in taking out a mob before it manages to actually reach you.

Continues after the break (it’s getting a little long)…

The first and most obvious difference between levelling a melee dps toon like my rogue and Llu was almost instantly clear;  the down time due to mana consumption. I won’t lie, it does get somewhat frustrating when you’re managing to take mobs down with very little damage but have to recharge your proverbial batteries for a while before moving on anyway. Still after a bit of toying around I started to get the hang of conserving mana a bit more; wading in and whacking things with the staff when they were close to falling was a surprisingly effective trade of health for a bit more mana.

I spent most of this time out in the Barrens since my rogue spent most of his time in and around Silverpine and I thought the change would be interesting. There’s certainly lots of options out there, but I felt they were a bit too barren for my tastes (though dreadmist peak was pretty neat). One thing I learnt from regularly bumping into other players at the crossroads was that taking a second to throw up MotW on another player is likely to get you a buff in return, and any buff that helps is a handy thing to have.

Instance-wise I again skipped out on going to RFC, and instead headed to WC with my “social” guild who had all recently rolled alts as well. I shall gloss over this first WC experience since it wasn’t exactly the most enjoyable; I wound up being designated as healer which I wasn’t particularly delighted about since I’d yet to really consider the role, and with people making ridiculous pulls and messing around constantly I found myself OOM (despite mana pots (be sure to take them!)) several times with the inevitable following.

The following night I hooked up with a PUG for it and went along as caster dps; we managed to pretty much breeze through and I think everyone got what they wanted. I was unspectacular on the damage front, but the amount of options available to me made me (I believe) a useful addition to the group. Crowd control and off-healing when the priest got into a bit of trouble definitely helped out; I guess that’s one thing to really keep an eye on in instances, if you see your healer struggling giving them a quick helping hand can be make or break. If you’ve waited till they’ve yelled for assistance it may well be too late. One big reason to be sure to do WC on a druid is to complete the quest “Leaders of the Fang” for the Crescent Staff reward, a great piece of gear.

Oddly after the instance wrapped up I got chatting to the priest and it turned out they were a warrior I’d levelled up with on my rogue. Neither of  us had mentioned the names of our alts so it was a total surprise, but it was a neat coincidence since it meant we both had someone we knew was reliable to head to SFK with the following day.

SFK was a pretty comfortable run since we had a L30 druid healing us (they wanted to get to grips with things on a lower level instance, my priest friend specced shadow to dps); I seemed to be a bit more effective on the casting side of things in here and having the option to shift into Cat form for some melee dps whilst I regained mana was a neat way to minimize downtime for the group. I didn’t much like feeling that people had to wait on me to drink after every other pull in WC so a quick alternative was nice.

So that’ll be about it for this entry, as a whole I found my start to life as a druid very enjoyable. The class is a lot of fun to play and the versatility involved means that you can always manage to do something to help.

The next entry (which may be tonight anyway so I get myself caught up) will look at my slow progress towards level 30, the problems of selecting gear, and the joys of PvP.



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