At the time of writing this I’m a fairly new player to WoW, with just the one other toon (a rogue) who’s currently sitting up at L70. I spend my time on the Defias Brotherhood EU server, and being in that transitional period between graduating university and finding some kind of real work I have a few hours to wile away there most days. I don’t profess to be a particularly good player, nor a particularly good writer, but I thought the idea of keeping track of my successes and failures (or the other way around depending on how this goes) would be helpful to me, and might be helpful to someone else somewhere down the line.

I felt I should lead with me and my reasons for starting this blog rather than my little druid Llunar since he is very much in his infancy.  One day perhaps I’ll post his story since I’m quite taken with the idea of the Mistrunner tribe (tauren rp), but till then I’ll just leave his name and the fact that he’s a balance druid in training.

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